John’s Song

Long long ago during the production of our second album “Beech Hill”, there was one particular song that was far different from the happy-go-lucky, joyous sound that was apparent in the rest of the tracks. It was a deep, emotional, and personal song that couldn’t seem to find it’s place. Now over a year later “John’s Song” finally has a chance to see the light of day as a stand-alone force all on it’s own. “John’s Song” premieres on January 23rd and is something truly special.


“John’s Song” was recorded by Lenny Machado at Elm Street Studio New Bedford, MA

Mixed and Mastered by Mike Mazurkiewics

Video Directed by Revelry Studio

Artwork by Katlyn Evans

Photography by Andrea Lynn Skane

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biddy early’s

WE NEED YOU to help us make a music video!

On February 10th, 2019 The Quins and Revelry Studios are taking over the legendary Boston dive bar Biddy Early’s for a whole day and night to shoot a music video for “Bright and New”.

After the shoot we will be hosting a private show/party in the bar! We need all of you to come make this as wild as possible!

We will be accepting donations of any amount during the video shoot. Donations will go directly toward the cost of the video.

FAIR WARNING once the bar is at capacity we will not be letting anyone else in. This is technically a private event. With Lots and Lots and Lots of beer…

Come rip it up with us…

Photo - Burger Snaps

Photo - Burger Snaps

the revelry sessions


In April of 2018 we released a video series dubbed “The Revelry Sessions”. The idea was to promote our new album “Beech Hill” with videos that went beyond the average music video and offered something raw, real, and most importantly LIVE. The sessions were recorded at the increasingly well known Revelry Studios located in Manchester, New Hampshire and operated by the talented crew pictured below. We are immensely proud and humbled at how the videos came out and sharing them with people has been a joy and a privilege. Take a look and turn it up loud…

Photo - Sarah Kruscinski  from left to right - The Revelry Crew; Joel Normandine, Tyler Ayers, Matt Blanchette

Photo - Sarah Kruscinski

from left to right - The Revelry Crew; Joel Normandine, Tyler Ayers, Matt Blanchette


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